Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about the course:

  1. How long will it take me to complete the course?
    It depends on how much time you spend completing your homework assignments, reading the additional articles, engaging with other participants in the online forums, and browsing through the Flipped Strategies Library. The course is organized into 8 modules. Each module includes a 25-40 minute video, a homework assignment, and at least one article or additional resource. I’d recommend planning to spend approximately 10-15 hours total to the complete course.
  2. Who is this course for?
    The course is designed for educators who plan, teach, and assess courses. It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert in the flipped classroom model or if you’ve never tried it before…there are resources and advice for all educators regardless of your prior experience with active learning and flipped models.If you’re already teaching using a flipped or active learning approach and it’s going great, that’s awesome! Maybe you are looking for tips, advice, or new teaching strategies so you can adjust a few things and make it even better! This course includes actual case studies and stories from my travels across the country which might give you different perspectives. And, in addition to the library, each module concludes with three teaching strategies.
  3. Or, maybe you’ve tried a flipped or active learning model, but it’s not working as well as you’d hoped. It’s okay if you tried it and didn’t feel it was a success. I applaud you for taking the risk, trying something new, and reflecting on what worked and didn’t work. It shows you are dedicated to providing the best possible learning experiences for your students. This course will help you re-start from the beginning, learn how to avoid the most common mistakes, and recognize what adjustments to make to help you create a more successful flipped learning experience for you and your students.

    If you’re curious about flipped and active classroom models, but haven’t tried it yet, you are not late to the party by any means! I’ve talked with many educators who are waiting to learn more about it or who haven’t had the time to really focus on learning how to do it well. This course will help you start from the beginning by walking you through each step to develop a flipped lesson.

  4. Why should I enroll in this course when there are so many other flipped classroom workshops and conference sessions I could attend to learn how to do it?
    With this course, everything is organized in one place. You will work through a step-by-step process to help you create successful flipped learning experiences. This course is a little different than others since, in my work, the FLIP means to Focus on your Learners by Involving them in the Process. The course is grounded in theory, informed by research, and designed for practical application. The stories, examples, and advice I share are based on my travels throughout the past five years leading workshops and speaking with faculty across the world and from my experience in faculty development for the past 16 years.
  5. You will create:

    1. An organized flipped lesson plan including pre-class work, a focusing activity, in-class activities, and an effective closing.
    2. An effective pre-class assignment students actually complete prior to class.
    3. An assessment plan to align your learning outcomes, flipped strategies, and assessment strategies.
    4. More engaging learning experiences now that you have a whole new collection of flipped teaching strategies to add to your courses.
    5. A community of virtual colleagues you can turn to for advice, support, and resources.
  6. The flipped classroom seems like a fad. Why should I enroll in this course when the “next big trend” is likely to come along any day?
    You can consider the word “flip” as trendy, but the foundation of the model isn’t a trend at all. It’s solid pedagogy. In my framework, the FLIP is based on active learning which is not a fad.  It’s built on the theoretical foundations and scholarly evidence about how students learn. I provide you with a way to plan and structure these active (or flipped) experiences to increase student engagement and enhance learning. When you understand how to apply the model, you can use any current or “trendy” technological tool to implement it. I think that’s probably why there’s so much confusion about flipped learning.
  7. What does lifetime access mean?
    After you pay your registration fee, you get instant access to the full course. Additionally, you get access to all updated course content in the future. As long as the course exists, you have access to all of the course content, resources, worksheets, materials, the Flipped Learning Library, and the exclusive online communities.
  8. Why did you choose a self-paced, on-demand format for this type of course?
    I just want to make it easy for you to get access to the course content anytime, anywhere. I know, as an educator, you have limited time during the day to engage in professional development. With this format, you can complete the course material at your own pace when it fits your schedule. I hope to be able to add live chats and Q&A sessions throughout the year so we can engage in more discussions together.
  9. What if I don’t have time this semester to finish the course?
    You can take all the time you need to complete the course. You can divide it up and complete 1 or 2 modules a week, or you can do it “Netflix style” and binge watch all of the videos at once!
  10. How does the 30-day money back guarantee work?
    See the refund policy page for more information.
  11. How could this course be used on my campus?
    If you direct a teaching center or coordinate faculty development services and you want to integrate this course into your program or discuss a campus license, contact me and let’s discuss how we can work together to best meet the needs of your faculty.
  12. Do you provide documentation for me to submit to my campus to receive reimbursement or earn continuing education credits? Do you provide other methods of payment if I an unable to use a credit card?
    Yes, you will receive a receipt when you complete your payment. If you need additional documentation to receive reimbursement or to earn continuing education credits, contact me and let me know what you need. You have two options for payment:  (1) Register for the course by clicking on any of the “register” buttons on the course web site. Once your payment is processed, you will receive instant access to the course material.  (2) If you prefer, you may also go to the store and add the course to your cart. You can pay by PayPal, credit card, or check. Within 24 hours, you will receive login instructions by email and then you will be able to instantly access all of the course materials. (Payment may also be made using a purchase order. Contact me for more information.)
  13. Who do I contact for technical support or help with the course?
    Contact the help desk at

If you have more questions, contact me.