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Learn How to FLIP IT!

Get the step-by-step process you need to create, implement, and assess a flipped lesson plan.

In this self-paced online course, you will use my 4-part framework to create a flipped lesson from start to finish, address student resistance, and develop strategies to engage students and improve learning.

The FLIP means to “Focus on your Learners by Involving them in the Process.” When you FLIP, you intentionally invert the design of a learning environment so students engage in activities, apply concepts, and focus on higher level learning outcomes when they are with you in the classroom.

Watch this 2-minute video to learn more!

Teaching in flipped learning environments creates both excitement and anxiety because it requires a different set of skills and attitudes for you and for your students.

As the instructor, you need to learn how to plan a flipped lesson, manage this dynamic learning environment, and support students through the process. If unprepared to teach in this environment, you may become frustrated or overwhelmed leading you to abandon the approach before you see its value.

Your students need to learn how to handle uncertainty, take ownership for their learning, and work collaboratively. If unprepared to learn in this environment, they may resist the approach, become defensive, or reject the process altogether.

It’s a shift for both you and your students.

This shift changes the whole dynamic of the learning environment and introduces a new set of challenges many instructors and students are unprepared for.

So, how do you do it? How do you get started? How do you organize the flipped classroom so it’s not chaotic and out of control? What can you do to address student resistance? And, where can you find more ideas for teaching strategies to add to your flipped course to keep it new and interesting?

You’ll find these answers (and more!) in this 8-module video course.

Here’s your access to the latest thinking, answers to the most frequently asked questions, and advice on which “rookie mistakes” to avoid. And you get access to a valuable collection of templates and articles to help you engage students and improve learning.

You can do this! Let’s FLIP it!

An Overview of the 8 Modules

Deciding What to FLIP

Why it’s important for you to define the FLIP and where to look for flippable moments.

Brainstorming Your Flipped Lesson

How to decide what goes “in” and “out” of the classroom.

Planning and Organizing Your Flipped Lesson, Part 1

How to organize your flipped lesson and design effective pre-class assignments.

Planning and Organizing Your Flipped Lesson, Part 2

How to design engaging in-class learning experiences.

Adjusting to Your New Role in the Flipped Classroom

How to become a “guide on the side” in the flipped classroom.

Assessing Learning in the Flipped Classroom

How to create an assessment plan for your flipped classroom.

Addressing Student Resistance in the Flipped Classroom

How to address student resistance and motivation.

Managing Your Time, Energy, and Priorities in the Flipped Classroom

How to avoid burnout and feeling overwhelmed.

Your Registration Fee Includes These Awesome Bonuses!

The Flipped Strategies Library

Go beyond “think, pair, share” and mix things up! The Flipped Strategies Library features a collection of flipped and active learning strategies you can adapt to any course in any discipline.

The FLIP Kit

Each module includes worksheets, templates, and articles you can download and print. To help you stay organized, the FLIP Kit workbook gives you one centralized place to take notes, record ideas, and reflect on how you’re going to apply what you’re learning.

Access to an Exclusive Online Community

You receive access to the private course discussion forums in each module. Ask questions, share your ideas, post resources, and seek advice from other participants in the course.

Certificate of Completion

Earn a certificate to document your professional development! Printed, signed, and mailed to directly to you at the end of the course.

Who is this course for?

Educators who are already using flipped strategies and want more tips and best practices.

Educators who tried flipped strategies, but maybe it didn't go as well as you hoped.

Educators who are curious about how to FLIP but you haven’t tried it yet.

Faculty developers who want to provide support for instructors.

What’s included in the course and how does it work?

You will receive:

  • Instant access to all modules including videos, worksheets, templates, the flipped strategies library, and bonus materials.
  • Instant access to the private discussion forums in each module.
  • Instant access to tips, advice, resources, templates, and the Flipped Strategies Library.
  • Unlimited access to all course content for 3 months.
  • Certificate of completion.

This is a self-paced on-demand course featuring a series of video modules and worksheets. Each video module is 25-40 minutes and includes:

  1. A real case study, story, or example.
  2. A worksheet you can complete as you work through the content.
  3. A featured “rookie mistake” so you’ll know what to avoid when planning your flipped class.
  4. A “pro tip” to help you avoid some of the most common mistakes.
  5. Three flipped teaching strategies so you can add more ideas to your classes.
  6. A homework assignment so you can apply what you’ve learned in the module.
  7. Helpful articles, checklists, and templates related to the topic of the module.
  8. A private discussion forum within each module for asking questions and sharing ideas.
  9. A copy of the slides so you can follow along during the video.
  10. A transcript of the video.
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“This course has changed my perspective on flipping and how to be intentional when doing it. Love all the excellent resources!”

Summer 2017 Participant

“Thanks for the course and resource materials.  It was just what I was looking for!  I learned the guiding principles for effectively involving my learners.”

Summer 2017 Participant

“Great course. I appreciate all of the templates, advice, and excellent resources! And thank you for modeling the flipped approach in your modules.”

Summer 2017 Participant

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Registration Info - Fall 2017
$397 one-time

Registration Fee

Let's FLIP It!
Full Details

The registration fee for groups of 10 or more is $99/person.
Contact me for info!

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